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factor[e] is pleased to support an exciting new initiative in Hamilton: Yes We Cannon.

Yes We Cannon is a local, grassroots movement, gathering Hamiltonians to petition City Council to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety in the lower city by taking one simple step.

The mission: create a bi-directional bike lane, running the full length of Cannon Street, by 2015. For more details and to sign the petition, visit YesWeCannon.com.

We're supporting this initiative by hosting the online portion of the campaign on a Forge-based platform we created, Walkable Hamilton. We integrated a new design into the site using the really nice design and branding created by local Hamilton designer Julie Van Huizen.

We're also supporting this initiative by helping spread the word about it, because this is a cause we believe in. The fact our kitchen is regularly packed with 6 to 8 bicycles gives you one clue why, but there's more to it than that: creating a walkable, livable community is the number one way we will turn Hamilton into a truly prosperous place. And it's the best way for companies like ours to attract the people with the skills, talent and experience we need to grow.

Please go take a moment to sign the petition.

The Backstory

A few years ago, factor[e] became involved in one of the most contentious debates in Hamilton's history: where to build the Pan-Am Games Stadium. Like many progressive companies and individuals in Hamilton, we believed it needed to be built at the West Harbour, which was also the location that had been repeatedly chosen by City Council.

We created a site called Our City, Our Future that became the hub for community support for the West Harbour and for opposition to the site proposed by the Tiger-Cats on the East Mountain.

We built the site using our content management system / rapid application development framework, Forge. Although the overall campaign for the West Harbour was not entirely successful, it was not entirely unsuccessful either, since the stadium still ended up in a downtown urban location. But the campaign itself, from a civic engagement perspective, was extraordinarily successful.

Thousands of Hamiltonians supported it and hundreds left impassioned statements of support on the website. Intense pressure was placed on elected officials at all levels of government, and the site and its organizers were featured in many major news media.

That success has seen the platform used for two other initiatives: Hamilton Light Rail and Walkable Hamilton.

The Walkable Hamilton site was built to support multiple campaigns that would be linked together in one over-arching campaign to improve Hamilton. We're excited that this vision is coming to fruition thanks to the hard work of volunteer organizations like Yes We Cannon, and we're proud to do our part.

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