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Last week we added a new member the Factor[e] team - Natalie Reid! Natalie has been hired to fill a new role here at the office as our Office Administrator. As we continue to grow, we have realized that we need of an Office Administrator to help keep everything here at the office running like a well-oiled machine. When looking for a person to fill this new role, Natalie was quickly identified as the perfect fit.

Though Natalie has only been here for a week, she has taken on her new role with ease and fits in like she has been here for years.

Cue Natalie!


Tell me a bit about yourself (e.g., interests, family, friends, pets)...

I am born and raised in Ancaster, where I have lived almost all my life. I am a recent graduate from Griffith University finishing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration-Marketing. Before attending Griffith University I spent three years at George Brown College, where I completed their Advanced Business Administration program specializing in Marketing and dabbling in Project Management.

I have a passion for cooking and baking, which has been greatly influenced by my grandmother. I love experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen, even if they don’t turn out. I enjoy spending a lot of my time outdoors and up north at my cottage in Blind River, ON. As a child, my family spent a lot of our vacation time up north, either at the family cottage or camping through national parks around Ontario. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures (and food), and have a little case of the travel bug as a result of my most recent trip. I have a goal to hopefully see every inch of the world one day.

You recently graduated from Griffith University - what was that experience like?

Studying at Griffith University was a fun experience. I was an international student in a new country where I didn’t know anyone. Moving to a new country to finish my education was terrifying in the beginning, but with the help of some great friends and roommates I adjusted quickly. My classes were very interesting, as I was able to take business electives in both semesters. Focusing on different areas of marketing and management through my studies was fun because I was able to choose courses that really sparked my interest. My classroom experiences were very rewarding. As an international student I was usually put into groups with other internationals in my program. It was interesting working with people from all over the world, hearing their ideas and collaborating on group projects. The most challenging aspect of studying abroad is focusing on my studies while also trying to see the country. I was able to successfully accomplish both with a little bit of organization, time management, and taking advantage of wifi everywhere I went.

What do you feel are some of the most important skills you gained during your time in Australia?

Studying abroad has always been at the top of my bucket list. So when I was given the opportunity to attend school at Griffith University, I felt a sense of accomplishment and achievement. I have always been an independent person, but moving to a new country really tested that. I have to say, I learned a lot about myself and came to realize I can handle and accomplish anything I put my mind to. I think the most important skill I gained during my time in Australia was having the confidence to trust myself.

You have a ton of great work experience - how do you think this has set you up for success in your role here?

While I was attending George Brown College, I got involved with a student run non-profit organization called Enactus. Working with this program really gave me an insight into how an organization is run and managed. It really tested and developed my managerial and project management skills. My experience with Enactus provided me with the tools to manage large teams and projects, while also understanding the background to running a business. I have a ton of experience working in customer service focused positions.

One of my most recent jobs was working in a high end restaurant in Toronto’s financial district. Being able to think quick on my feet and manage difficult guests while being in a very intensive, fast paced environment was an asset. This job developed my organization and communication skills and the long hours pushed me to be on my A game 24/7. Both of these opportunities also grew my organization and time management skills, while also teaching me how to make fast, strategic decisions.

What do you love the most about your role as our Office Administrator so far?

When I started my job hunt I wanted to ensure I found an organization that really fit well for me. I was looking for a trendy, progressive firm to get involved in where I would be able to learn from talented people and further develop my skills. After only being in the role a few days now, I have to say Factor[e] is the perfect environment for that. The team has been so welcoming and helpful, and Rachel has really set me up for success.

What do you look forward to the most as you join the Factor[e] team?

A huge reason why I wanted to join the team here at Factor[e] was because of the opportunity to learn and further develop my skills in the world of marketing and communications. I’m excited to put my academic skills to the test and see how the industry works. We have some great talent here at Factor[e] and I’m excited to get involved, ask questions and learn from everyone here.

What can someone find you doing outside of work?

If I’m not out exploring the city, I’m probably at home playing a new video game I’m addicted to, binge watching a TV series or in the kitchen cooking up something. 

Welcome to the team, Natalie!

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